Custom Guided Walking Tours of Florence

Never been to Florence and want a quick, but thorough orientation to the city, not only historical and artistic, but also with information about modern conveniences, tips for finding your way around with ease, as well as where to find the best shopping?

Know your way around, but want to discover museums and places, other than the Uffizi and the Accademia, where the art and history of the Renaissance can be found away from the crowds? Curious about what happened after the Renaissance?

Could care less about the Renaissance, but love modern Italian designed clothing, houseware, furniture, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, leather goods, etc.?

Love to cook Italian dishes and want to spend time in the various produce and meat markets, and cookware shops? Want to take Tuscan-cooking classes?

Can't cook, but love to eat, and want to experience restaurants, trattorias, and cafés off the beaten path with someone who knows the chefs and waiters and can guide you through the menu to Tuscan specialties?

Have a special interest (weaving or textiles, monasteries or convents, Renaissance home life, eccentric ex-pats, “Last Suppers”, literary Florence, etc.) you want to explore?

Want to get into the Uffizi, the Accademia, and the Medici Tombs without standing in line?

Fascinated by Florentine craftsmanship and want to watch the artisans at work, creating leather goods, handmade paper, ceramics and silk products?

How It Works

Ask Friend in Florence to create a custom guided walking tour of Florence for a few hours or a full day.


Available upon request.

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