One-Hour Warm Welcome to Florence

Florence is a compact city that has a labyrinth of narrow medieval streets, hidden artisan workshops, small family trattorias, enclosed food markets, ancient wine shops, and quirky museums.

Florence is also the internationally famed center of Renaissance art and history that draws over five million visitors a year, creating what some call a “Renaissance Disneyland” of long lines, tourist traps and tourist menus, crowded museums, and worst of all, factory-made gelato.

Even the savviest world traveler can find Florence a frustrating, confounding city, where they suspect there are hidden gems of sights, experiences and tastes, if only they could find the right alley or bridge or doorway.

Friend in Florence is your new friend in Florence, ready to share our knowledge of the best restaurants, interesting empty museums (and the best times to view the crowded Uffizi and Accademia), shops of fine leather, paper, gold and jewels, markets of fresh food and vintage wines, and more.

You bring the dreams and we provide twenty-five years of experience in our favorite city. You will go home loving Florence as much as we do and planning to return at the earliest opportunity for a longer stay.

How It Works

Before you arrive in Florence we will reserve museum tickets and arrange for any personal transportation to your hotel or apartment. We will make your first night dinner reservations or arrange for a catered welcome meal at your apartment.

Once you are in Florence, we'll meet you at your hotel, apartment or nearby cafe at a pre-determined time, just after your arrival. After orienting you to the neighborhood with a highlighted, annotated city map, we will talk about what you want to see, experience and shop for during your days in Florence. You will help us create a personalized map for your stay, as well as a list of restaurants, markets, shops, museums and galleries. Armed with current exhibition and event information, we will answer all your questions, give our own personal recommendations, and make any last minute bookings that you desire.

After about forty-five minutes of talking and planning, we will wander around your immediate neighborhood on an orientation tour and help you become comfortable and oriented to your corner of the city and the closest "home-made" gelateria, pastry shop, and coffee bar. Florence is a walking town – everything is within a ten to fifteen minute walk from your hotel or apartment.

Friend in Florence will organize your stay and help you find your way.

What You Get

  • Maps – Highlighted and Annotated
  • Museum Reservations and Information
  • Restaurant Reservations and Recommendations
  • Event and Activity Suggestions
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Walking Orientation


One-Hour Warm Welcome to Florence -- $85 (one to four people)

One-Hour Warm Welcome to Florence plus One-Hour Orientation Walk -- $160 (one to four people)

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