Custom Self-Guided Itineraries of Chianti & Tuscany

  • Do you hate large tour groups where you are stuffed in a bus?
  • Do you chafe at even a small group tour where you are told where to go and what to see?
  • Do you want to get your head out of a guide book with it’s small print, smaller maps, and outdated information?
  • Do you love traveling the the back roads in a car driven by you?
  • Do you hate wasting time being lost?
  • Do you want to see people and places, markets, artisans and shops, that fit your personal preferences and interests?

You need Friend in Florence's Custom Self-Guided Tour of Chianti and Tuscany.

Drawing on twenty-five years' of combined experience living in Tuscany, we will design a half-day or full-day self-guided tour of Chianti and Tuscany based on your special interests.

Say you are curious to see a hill town with its shops and artisans and then taste wine at one of the finest producers of Chianti Classico Riserva – we can design an itinerary for you to do all that and also have a great Tuscan lunch at a country trattoria. We will give you a short summary of what you are seeing in between the stops.

Tell Friend in Florence what you want to see and do and we will get you there.

How It Works

All you need to do is send us an e-mail telling us about yourself and/or your group:

  • how many times you’ve been to Tuscany (if at all)
  • your special interests in Tuscany
  • your desire to see one winery or two in a day (it’s impossible to see more)
  • the kind of meal you want at lunch or dinner (rustic, traditional, refined)
  • any obsessions (such as butcher shops, cheese makers, ceramics, artisans, antiques, you name it)
  • specific places you have heard of and would like to try

We will then write back asking for any more information we might need to custom-design your itinerary for a half or a full day. We do not use set itineraries – yours will be specially designed for you and no-one else—and we visit every hill town, winery, market, restaurant and wine bar that we recommend. You will receive an itinerary along with a map locating the hill towns and market villages, artisans and farms, markets, wineries and restaurants, and you will be free to discover all the incredible sights of Chianti or Tuscany has to offer on your own.

Consider offering a Friend in Florence itinerary as a gift to friends or as a treat for yourself – something to make your trip to Florence especially memorable.


$150 for a half-day itinerary with a winery, lunch and/or dinner recommendation or reservation.

$200 for a full-day itinerary with a winery, lunch and/or dinner recommendation or reservation.

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